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So you have crypto. And you want to gamble. But the majority of the (online) casino’s only take your cold hard cash, or as we call it – ‘fiat’.

What if you can gamble with crypto? Imagine faster payouts and quicker transactions. And that’s just one benefit.

We lower the barrier for players AND casinos as we are making gambling accessible with crypto to everyone. Learn more about our project and get your KHP tokens now.


Current price

1KHP = 0.0116USD


2244 ETH



We are a blockchain software company based in Malta and we are collaborating with established companies with more than 20 years of experience in the gambling industry.


In 2017 alone, those companies have made over 126 million dollar in revenue.


A common issue with gambling in crypto is the high barrier of entry.


Together with our partners, we are lowering the barrier of entry for regular players to play within the cryptocurrency world and introducing a new form of excitement in the gambling industry.

Partners with more than 20 years experience in the gambling industry

We have established partnerships with Industry veterans in every aspect of the business. From a business management and growth point of view to the often underestimated legal side. We know how to create the gaming platforms, how to commercialise them, how to be legally compliant and how to tackle the market.

Based in Malta

Malta is a perfect match for our business since it’s the “igaming capital of the world” with more than 350 gaming houses and its aims to become the same for Crypto. Clear and supportive legislations already persuaded many crypto giants to move to Malta including Binance and OKEx.

Lowering the entry barrier for regular players

Our platform will enable FIAT-Kheper Token (KHP) deposits and withdrawals. This way, regular players will have the unique opportunity to fully join this crypto revolution in few easy steps. Through Kheper Token, moreover, players will be able to request faster payout, having complete control of their funds and winnings.

One Token for online and offline gambling

Our vision is to have just one wallet for online and offline gambling. With our expansion roadmap, players will be able to use their Token on online casinos, physical slots and roulette and even in the land-based casinos.



We are developing with our partner E-Lab games a gaming platform software that is a hassle-free solution for existing online casinos to integrate cryptocurrency into their business model.

Our platform has all the necessary monitoring and management tools to run an online casino smoothly including multi-domain authority management, marketing segmentation tool, fiat and crypto deposit and withdrawal payment gateway, advanced reporting and much more.

The platform will provide popular games from major leading companies and innovative crypto theme related games.

The software is in the test phase, click on the MVP button to have a sneak peek.




After the online gaming market, the next step is entering the physical gaming market. With our partner Fazi we are already developing the first physical slot and roulette that will run with the Kheper Token.

Fazi is the leading manufacturer of gambling-related equipment specialized in digital electronic roulettes with more than 50 employees. Their primary market is Asia( Macau) and the European market. They are familiar with cryptocurrency world as in 2014 they developed a fully functional Bitcoin ATM.

Now they are partnering with Kheper to introduce to the market a new generation of gambling equipment that will function with the Kheper token.


The final step for our vision is to introduce crypto into Land-based casinos and create the ultimate gambling experience.
Players from all over the world could gather to our land-based casino partners and play with Kheper. No need to wait anymore for expensive and lengthy international wire transfer or pricey exchange rates, everything will be managed by the blockchain technology in just a few clicks.
Casinos will attract a new pool of international players and expand their business.
When the last step is implemented, we will start to see part of our vision realized. A world where players will be able to play easily from everywhere, from their smartphone to a foreign land-based casino with only one e-wallet. Thanks to the Blockchain players will gain more control of their funds and the Token Kheper will become the cryptocurrency for gaming.




In order to implement Kheper’s vision, we will be launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that will issue Kheper Tokens on the public blockchain.

The token, named Kheper (KHP), will be issued during the Pre-sale and ICO.

During the ICO, the price will begin at USD 0.01 and it will increase according to the table.

To be able to participate in the Kheper’s ICO, and obtain Kheper (KHP), you will need to do a KYC verification.

Unfortunately, people from the United States cannot participate in the public sale.

Kheper tokens will be issued as ERC20 standard, and the proportion between Ethereum and Kheper will be established daily.

1 KHP = $0.0100

23 July

1 KHP = $0.0103

24 July

1 KHP = $0.0106

25 July

1 KHP = $0.0109

26 July

1 KHP = $0.0112

27 July - 02 August

1 KHP = $0.0114

3 August - 9 August

1 KHP = $0.0116

10 August - 16 August

1 KHP = $0.0118

17 August - 23 August

1 KHP = $0.0120

24 August - 30 August

1 KHP = $0.0122

31 August - 06 September

1 KHP = $0.0124

07 September - 13 September

1 KHP = $0.0125

14 September - 20 September


Public sale 47%
Company 20%
Bounty 11%
Bonus for players 9%
Private sale 9%
Advisors 4%


IT Development and operating costs
Marketing costs
Administrative cost
Reserve & Treasury service
Legal and set up costs
Start date
JULY 23, 2018
Token current price
Hard cap
End date
SEPTEMBER 20, 2018
Total token supply
3,200,000,000 KHP


Our vision is to bring the blockchain technology into the player’s everyday life. Our project is all about getting gambling in crypto to go mainstream.

Today, Kheper Software House represents the bridge which provides direct exchange fiat-Kheper token to our partners.

Tomorrow, regular players will be able to use Kheper Token and play without us as the intermediary.

At final, when regulation and technology will further evolve, we will expand to an all decentralized model.

Support us in realizing the blockchain revolution!


Play classic and crypto games with ease. You can enter either with fiat or crypto. Conveniently play online and offline with the same e-wallet. More control of your funds and winnings thanks to the blockchain technology.


Tap into crypto revolution. Innovate your business with our gaming platforms and provide a new unique gaming experience without worrying about the fiat-token exchange.


Kheper platforms are made in compliance with current gambling regulations. Thanks to the blockchain, transactions are transparent and traceable. Those characteristics are crucial to fighting money laundering and illegal gambling activities.


We want to create a safe and convenient environment for players that want to enjoy the thrilling world of gaming and cryptocurrency. Our project aims to facilitate regular players in entering the crypto world and at the same time keep them safe through all the current norms and regulations.


The roadmap is divided into several stages, showing the route the company has taken so far and expects to have in the coming months following the ICO.

2017 July
2017 December
2018 January
2018 March
2017 November
Kheper’s vision was born A vision was born, and we started our studies on the business feasibility.
2017 November
Early investors and advisors Presentation to early investors of the White Paper draft via our private consulting network. Antonio and Paolo join the project.
2018 January
Fabio Da Re joins the advisory team Owner of Replatz online casino with more than 100 million euro in revenues in 2017. Kheper acquires an industry veteran advisor with more than 20 years of experience.
2018 March
Kheper seals a partnership with legal firm Sbordoni Studio Sbordoni is one of the most known firms in Italy. They are specialized in the gambling industry and they will ensure the legal compliance of the whole project, an aspect often overlooked by crypto related projects.
2018 May
2018 April
2018 March
2018 March
2018 May
Kheper closes a deal with Fazi for physical slot and roulette production. Fazi is the biggest manufacturer of gambling equipment in Serbia. They will help Kheper to develop physical slot machines and electronic roulettes. Development will start in 2019.
2018 April
White paper release The White Paper has been checked by our attorney.
2018 March
Start development online platform Kheper closes a deal with E-Labs games for development of online gaming platforms
2018 March
E-Lab Games partnership E-lab Games is a producer of licensed online gambling platforms. Strategic partnership for the development of the MVP.
2018 July
2018 October
2019 June
2019 November
2018 July
Public token sale The public sale will start on the 23rd of July. Price is set to $0.01 and it will increase according to the token distribution section. Participants will have to complete the KYC procedure to be able to join.
2018 October
Launch online platform Final platform tested and ready to be implemented. It will include some crypto theme related games.
2019 June
Launch mobile app Kheper will launch a series of games optimized for mobile.
2019 December
Expansion into other games and introduction to land-based slot prototype Kheper will scale his operation to other games like bingo, betting, poker etc. and introduce the first prototype of land-based slot working in crypto.


Fabio da Re

CEO of

Owner of the Replatz on-line casino, making more than 100 million USD in revenues only in the year 2017. Fabio and his team will have a strategic consultancy role, thanks to their extensive experience in the online gaming industry.


CEO of LMP-Finance

Owner of LMP-Finance, a Swiss asset management and consultancy company for technological investments, based in Lugano. Antonio has 20 years of experience as a financial operator, within the European Anti-Money Laundering regulations.


Management Advisor

Stockbroker and private financial advisor with over 20 years of experience. Paolo has managed several million USD in investments throughout his career, mainly in the field of new technologies. He is now exploiting cryptocurrencies and blockchain opportunities.


CEO of Sbordoni & Partners

Founder of the Sbordoni & Partners Law Firm, Supreme Court attorney-at-law, university professor and member of the International Masters of Gaming Law. Stefano has more than 30 years of experience in Italian and European gambling laws and regulations. Among his clients, there are major international gambling operators.


Legal Advisor

Senior Partner of Studio Legale Sbordoni & Partners Law Firm. Sabina has a wide knowledge and experience in all the administrative procedures concerning the gaming and wagering industries, dealing with national and international authorities and competent administrations.


Legal Advisor

Senior Partner of Sbordoni & Partners Law Firm. Francesca has 20 years of experience and expertise within the Italian and European Company Law primarily relating to the gaming, wagering and lottery industries, in view of the regulatory framework of the European Antitrust Law and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice.



Manager, consultant and developer with over 20 years of experience in the gambling industry. Emanuele has developed different gaming platforms supporting games such as sports betting and card games. The platforms developed are in compliance with the Italian Authority of gambling (AAMS).



Co-Founder & CEO

Experience as financial analyst and consultant at ENG. Doctoral Degree at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. Master’s Degree in Economics and International Policies at USI in Lugano, Switzerland.


Chief Legal Officer & Co-Founder

Experience as trainee lawyer at Shenton Law Practice LLP in Singapore and in the Legal Department at ENI in Perth, Australia. Master's Degree in Law at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy.


Chief Business Development Officer

Experience as associate consultant at PwC and as analyst in pharmaceutical, automotive and education industries and for start-up. Master's Degree in Management at USI in Lugano, Switzerland.


Chief Technology Officer

Experience as Blockchain software developer and cryptocurrency miner since 2011. Degree in Bioinformatics with the highest marks at the University of Verona.


Chief Engineering Officer

Experience as software developer and computer consultant at Reply S.p.a. Master's Degree in Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Verona.


Chief Financial Officer

Experience as solution consultant and reports supervisor in the banking sector at ENG and as researcher at ISTAT. Master's Degree in Finance and Risk Management with the highest marks at the University of Brescia.


Chief Marketing Officer

Degree in Chinese Business at Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou, China. Experience in international companies operating in the online gambling industry and as a freelancer in the paid advertising marketing sector.



What is Kheper?

The Kheper project is about developing online gaming platforms and land-based gaming equipment that work with the Kheper Token and integrate the two of them creating the “token for gambling”. Imagine a world where you can play with online and land-based games using the same e-wallet and where you can switch platform with just a few clicks. Our games accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies offering the ultimate gaming experience in crypto even to those who are not into the crypto world yet. Everything will be done while being in compliance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws and other gambling norms.

What problem does Kheper solve?

After months of research, we have been able to solve some of the most troublesome issues in crypto-gaming. Kheper Software House has built platforms which allow: players, in few easy steps, to have access to the gaming in crypto. The Kheper online gaming platform is designed to provide an instant exchange of fiat currencies into Kheper Token; the integration of online gaming platforms with land-based games via one unique crypto e-wallet. Thus, with the aim on one side to allow players to remain connected and on the other hand to permit the Authorities to verify every online and land-based gaming transaction constantly; the integration of the blockchain into casinos. This will allow using the Kheper Token directly in the land-based casino, resolving the problem of the acceptance of different currencies in the casinos as well as the transferability of money around the world.

How does Kheper differ from other crypto-gambling related projects?

First of all, we have great partnerships that have been in the gambling world for more than 20 years.Our expertise is not limited to the technical or commercial aspect. We also have strong partnerships in the legal landscape that, up until now, was the highest barrier to entry within this heavy regulated business (both online and physical).Secondly, we wish to expand our project into the physical world in order to become a truly unique gaming brand!

How has Kheper funded itself until now?

In the beginning, the team Kheper has funded the business with a starting capital of few thousands of US dollars. Kheper has been fortunate along its journey to receive backing from top-tier gambling industry veterans and venture capital funds.

Do you have a prototype or MVP?

Yes, thanks to our partnership and investor we already started the development of the online platform, the software is in the test phase. You can have a sneak peek at the MVP on our website.

Where is the company based?

First, Malta has become the leading hub for crypto and blockchain companies thanks to its favorable blockchain legal framework created by the Maltese Government. Many crypto tech giants such as OKEx and Binance moved their headquarters in Malta. Secondly, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has issued the first legislative Sandbox aiming to receive feedback on how to adopt cryptocurrencies within the gaming sector. The goal of the MGA is to keep Malta's primacy of remote gaming regulation while embracing technology innovation. These activities are an extremely positive signal for the future development of our business, which is why we have chosen Malta as Headquarter for our company

Where will the token be exchanged?

We are currently in contact with different exchanges for the listing of the Kheper Token. As many ICOs before us, we can’t disclose any name until the crowdfunding is closed. Depending on the ICO results, we may get accepted by several well-known exchanges. Once the contracts are signed, we will publish a list of all the exchanges.

How can I participate in the public sale?

In order to participate in the public sale, you will need to register an account to our site and apply for the KYC approval. Inside the dashboard, you will be able to find a step by step instruction on how to contribute.

Why is Kheper going to change the industry?

Lower barrier to entry for regular players with FIAT (USD, EUR etc) -Kheper instant exchange
Faster payout through the Kheper Token (ERC20)
Partners with more than 20 years of experience in the gambling industry
Legal support from authority legal firms in Italy and Malta
Minimum Viable Product in testing phase
Physical slots and Land-based casinos expansion
Based in Malta, like many crypto giants such as OKEx and Binance.


Current price

1KHP = 0.0116USD


2244 ETH

Hard cap
Start date
July 23, 2018
End date
SEPTEMBER 20, 2018
Current price
$ 0.0116
Total token supply
3,200,000,000 KHP

Kheper Software House Ltd is Maltese company whose main mission is to combine the cryptocurrencies ecosystem into the online and physical gaming industry.

Get in contact

Unitech Building level 2
Triq Il-Kostituzzjoni
Mosta MST9050, Malta
VAT number MT25351115

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